Repairing and Editing Photos in Photo Explosion

Nova Development Photo Explosion is a basic photo editing software that allows users to use clip art, templates and other features to craft photos into innovative and fun projects . It is simple to use, however, it has the tendency to become tedious as each function needs the user to perform certain steps in order to achieve the desired results. This article will focus on how to repair and edit your pictures in Photo Explosion.

Step 1: Enter Editing Workspace

When you start Photo Explosion, you need to click on the ‘Edit’ button on the ‘Command Panel’ to enter into the ‘Editing Workspace’. Here, you will be able to access a range of different editing tools available to you to fix and edit your pictures. In the editing workspace, you may simply start editing a photo by clicking on ‘Edit a Photo’ button, beneath which is the ‘Enhance Photo’ button to fix, sharpen and brighten photographs. In addition, you have the ‘Removing Red Eye’ button to further edit your pictures. Once you have chosen your desired editing function, you will then be asked to locate the picture you wish to edit, and it will form the background of your ‘Workplace’.

Step 2: Choose Workplace Editing Options

This portion of the editing application contains basic editing functions, known as Smartselect tools; they can automatically point out shapes that a user would need to crop out in addition to tracing out selections in an image to form new images. Users can also crop out images on the basis of a similar color, trim the base image, and scale and rotate in this section.

Step 3: Fix Images

To fix images, you need to click on the ‘Enhance Photo’ button under the ‘Edit’ menu in the ‘Command Panel,’ and then choose the picture to fix. To automatically enhance photos, you can use SmartEnhance, a collective set of image enhancing tools that automatically calculate the optimal settings. They include: Straighten, Cropping, Brightness & Contrast, Focus, Color Enhancer, Repair Photo and other options. Alternatively, you can always do it manually by choosing them separately and clicking on ‘Adjust’ tab in the menu.

Step 4: Remove Red Eye

You have to go through the Edit options menu on the Command Page and click on the ‘Remove Red Eye’ button. Now you need to choose a brush size which covers the red portion of the eye in the picture. After highlighting the portion you wish to change, simply click on the Remove Red Eye button on your workspace to change the color to black (default color).

You have the option to change eye color while removing the red eye effect in a picture. Simply select the change color option and choose the appropriate color. As mentioned before, by simply clicking on the Remove Red Eye button, you will be able to impose the eye color of your choice in the picture in place of the red eye.

These simple editing functions increase the image quality of your pictures tremendously. They are easy to use and fairly easy to access in Photo Explosion.