QImage: Picking the Right Version

QImage is one of the best and most useful photo printing applications which is available on the Internet. This software package makes it very simple to print your digital photographs. QImage also makes it very simple to copy the photographs from your memory card and store them on your computer. This makes it simple to look after your photos and make sure that they never get lost.

There are several different versions of QImage which are slightly different. You will need to compare all of the different versions so that you can get the best piece of software for your needs.


The lite version of QImage is the basic package. This includes lifetime updates and is suitable for most home computers. It also includes the ability to print the photographs in large sizes including posters. This version of the software doesn't, however, include support for RAW image files. This version costs $34.95 and can be downloaded right away.


The professional version of QImage adds a number of very useful features to the software package. This makes it possible to handle batches of images. The jobs will also automatically be saved and can then be recalled at a later date. The colors can be managed depending on each individual print.


Studio is a mid range package from QImage. This is perfect for professional photographers who use a digital SLR camera. This version is capable of editing and managing RAW camera files. It can also print in many more sizes than the Lite and Pro versions.


The ultimate version of QImage is the top of the range package available. This offers very quick upgrade features to ensure that the software you are using is always up to date.