Protecting Your Pictures with Watermark Software

Watermark software is beneficial for individuals who are interested in sharing their photographs online. These are professional programs built to protect the copyright of the photo from any unauthorized use. Besides being a type of software, it is also the name of a computer program bearing the same feature. Watermarks can come in a variety of forms including text, image, logo or a customized signature. The software can also be used to create customized photo frames, resize and crop photos and has a convenient feature of supporting batch actions. All of these features are contained in one program and can be used in just three simple steps.

What is a Watermark?

A watermark is a type of image, logo or text which has been designed and customized to identify the photograph. It tells other people who created or currently owns the image. These types of symbols help protect the photograph from being used illegally and can sometimes be used to provide an additional touch to the photograph. Watermarks are not limited to just photographs but can also be used to copyright other forms of documents as well.

Key Program Features

This program has a number of key program features. One is that it allows users to create and customize their own watermarks, embedding the information onto the photograph. As the watermark is difficult to remove without altering part of the image, only the user or original owner of the photograph becomes authorized to use the image. The software can be used to perform simple image editing such as resizing and cropping. It has the capability of affixing a watermark in 500 photographs within less than 60 seconds and apply it over a wide range of image formats.

How to Use

After launching the program, choose the photograph that will bear the water. Click, "Add Image" to select an existing watermark. Users may use the Edit feature to adjust some of the features of the watermark before applying it to the photograph. Click, "Run" to finalize the changes.