Proshow Style Pack Grunge Appeal: An Overview

ProShow Style Pack is software that helps you to enhance your presentations with a collection of subtle yet impressive effects. It is a great way to make your layouts, animations and shows look great. Here are the main features of this software.

Basic Features

ProShow Style has about 25 different style combinations that you can add to your shows instantly. They are high quality art backgrounds and hence have a professional look to them. Also, the slight motion and effects on the images give an extra zing to any presentation. They have different slide styles that are pre-designed for the software. It is very user-friendly and hence adding effects and montages is very easy.
All you need to do is select one of the styles, apply it on your presentation, import your pictures, and your show is ready.

Slide Styles

Each slide style is different and unique as compared to the other. Each one of them has the option to add a title, two image enhancements (single) and a photo montage. The photo montage gives you an option to add multiple photographs. Almost all of these work on the other versions of ProShow software and can be used in wide screen mode as well as standard aspect ratios.

Size and Price

ProShow Style pack is quite large, as it takes up about 314 MB of your hard disk space when downloaded, and it works for both the ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer. It is also reasonably priced around $20 for the full version.