Proshow Style Pack Escapes 101

Proshow Style Pack Escapes is a set of 25 styles for enhancing your slideshows. These styles are mainly geared for images of vacations and travel. The 25 styles have further combinations under each style. All the style effects have good art work as backgrounds coupled with various effects. You can add classy effects and include montages with a simple interface. The process is simple and involves selecting a particular style, applying it, and then dropping it on your photos. Fifteen of the styles work with ProShow Gold, and the remaining ten are for ProShow Producer.

Headings and Captions

The ProShow Style Pack shows where you can add your headings and captions and how they will appear. Each style has a unique way of showing the heading or caption.

Transitions and Effects

The pack has numerous effects for transitions according to the style you select. You have the normal fading, plus a cloud cover which envelops the image and then opens up a new one. Apart from the usual linear movements of images from right to left, there are interesting effects which zoom in on the images from the center, or cascade the movement from top left to bottom right, or also spin photos into view.


There are an amazing array of backgrounds in each style which include high quality artwork and faded, sepia or black and white effects.