Professor Franklin: Reasons to Buy Photo Artist

Instant Photo Artist, created by Professor Franklin, is a graphics editing program that can turn any image into a work of art, literally. You can turn your photos into art masterpieces ala Van Gogh and Renoir speedily and easily with this highly acclaimed image editor software. Here are more reasons why you should buy Photo Artist:

Pick Your Medium

Photo Artists allows pictures to become watercolor, oil painting or other paint mediums. You can also choose what size brushes you will need to recreate your images.

Paint Like a Master

This program doesn’t change the whole picture just by clicking on a few buttons, although this would be required when choosing the style you want to use for the picture. You can use your mouse brush along the outlines of your picture that’s provided by Photo Artist to get the feeling of “painting” your image. All you need is a few minutes to paint your own masterpieces.

Print in High Resolution

The latest upgrade, Professor Franklin’s Instant Photo Artist Version 2, allows you to print your edited and enhanced photos in high resolution. Or, you can choose from other formats and resolutions available. Either way, the Photo Artist’s format makes printing and other program procedures easy and simple to do.