Professor Franklin: An Overview of Photo Artist

Professor Franklin is a software program that helps transform your images into different artistic styles. You can create an art piece that looks like a pencil sketch or a painting done with oil as its medium. Here is how the software works:

Selection of Picture and Style

First you need to import or select a picture. You will see an outline of the image in the main work frame. Now, select from the various styles like expressionist, Van Gogh, Mosaic, Cubist, etc., or create your own by using the painting tool.


The painting tool is easy to use and you can control all the settings, such as the direction, pressure and abstraction of the brushstrokes, therefore making it your own unique art piece. If you need to have abstract strokes, then a larger size brush is more appropriate. In case of fine strokes, a smaller sized brush works just fine. You can also give effects of your creation being made in different medium like oil, watercolors and charcoal.

Uses and Price

You can create an art piece to use as a greeting card for different occasions or use it on websites to add a little life to your design. You can also use it on a calendar or to create invites and evites. You can even use your creations to decorate your wall in a stylish and artistic manner. Professor Franklin is priced at a reasonably around $60, which is not much for making an artist out of you.