Private Photo Album: An Overview

Private Photo Album is a photo viewing application that enables you to keep certain images private with good encryption and password protection. This software is ideal for keeping certain photos inaccessible to others, and it also enables you to view them when you need to.

Privacy and Portability

This software provides an encryption of 256 bits to keep your photos protected and accessible only through a password. This prevents your private photos being accessed accidentally by children in your home and also keeps them safe from hackers. All the photos can be packed in one file which is executable, and this file is fully portable. You can move the file between computers and also carry it on a USB drive. Each album that you create can also have unique passwords. You also have the option of making certain albums public which can be viewed by anybody.

Easy Operation

Loading or importing photos into Private Photo Album is quite easy with drag and drop features and simple wizards. The photos can be viewed from within the software even without saving it on your hard drive. The Import process involves a simple step of creating an album in the software and then dragging the image files from the box of Window Explorer. For loading pictures from cameras directly, you need to follow the simple wizards that come up on the screen. The software supports multiple image formats including bmp, gif, png, pcx and jpeg. The photo storage includes EXIF information which can also be viewed.