PrintMaster Platinum: What's New

PrintMaster Platinum is a software-based printing solution for almost all of the needs of a home-based consumer. The PrintMaster Platinum suite allows you to capture memories and precious moments with unique creativity.

PrintMaster Platinum provides ready made and high quality designer printing templates, ready made design tools, a photo editor and a lot of clip art that can be used to quickly create an attractive and personalized print of your projects.

The following is a guide to some of the newest additions to the 2011 edition of PrintMaster Platinum.

New Templates

PrintMaster Platinum adds more than 2,000 amazing new templates in its 2011 edition. All of these templates have been hand crafted by professional digital designers and put you right on track quickly and efficiently.

New Clip Arts

PrintMaster Platinum has added more than 50,000 brand new and high quality images to be used as clip art. All of the files are added in a PNG file format featuring a transparent background. Each of the images have been carefully classified into a wide array of categories.

Better Content Searches

PrintMaster Platinum has an improved search feature that produces larger and better-looking thumbnails. The preview resolution has also been improved to aid the search process for the right image and clip art.

Better Calendars

PrintMaster Platinum implements better and improved calendar features. You can now create customized calendars to be on track or simply gift them to your loved ones.