PrintMaster Platinum: An Overview

PrintMaster Platinum is a program that you can use to create personalized print projects. A few of the projects that you can create with this program include brochures, greeding cards, labels and invitations. PrintMaster Platinum is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Easy to Use

One of the best features of PrintMaster Platinum is its user friendly interface. The program comes with over 2,000 templates that you can use for your projects. You can then add design elements, photos, text and much more by simply dragging and dropping the objects on the template.

Matching Sets

Some of the templates that come with PrintMaster Platinum feature matching colors, images and much more, which is a huge time saver when you are creating your projects. Of course, if you are looking to create a more custom print project, you can browse through the over 50,000 high quality clip art images that come with the program.

Project Sharing

PrintMaster Platinum makes it easy for you to share your print projects with your friends and family. Like most print project programs, you can print your project directly from the program. However, PrintMaster Platinum also enables you to email and publish your print project to the web from the program itself.