Primasoft Photo Organizer Plus: FAQs

Photo Organizer Plus makes it easy to organize and share your digital photographs. This ensures that you don't risk losing any of your precious memories by accidentally misplacing them. This article will look at some of the frequently asked questions so that you can easily use Photo Organizer Plus.

How can I back up the Database?

All of the photographs are stored in a very large database. The health of this database is very important. It's possible to backup the registry to ensure that this won't lose you any information. Start by opening the database that you want to backup. Then click Advanced, and Maintenance. Then it's possible to click on backup and choose where you want to save the backup database to.

Finding Duplicate Records

If there are any duplicate records in the database then this can be annoying. These can be removed easily by clicking Advanced, Maintenance. Then it's possible to click duplicates, this will open a new window. You are able to choose different fields to compare about.

Then it's easy to find the duplicate records and decide whether or not you want to delete them.

How can I create a new Image Field?

It's possible to create a new image field to store extra shots of the same area. To do this click the file menu and select the designer option. Chose the database that you want to edit and then click the new field button. Choose the name of the field then set the Field Type to Character and the number of characters to 120.