Preparing for DV Video Capture in Adobe Premiere

Even though tapeless media is growing in popularity, dv video capture is still a common way of bringing your video clips in Adobe Premiere. Up until a few years ago it was the only way to bring your digital video onto your computer. Not only was it the only way to digitize your tapes but it was an important first step in the creative process because it forced the editor to go through all of the footage and organize it. Every editor should know their footage inside and out before they make the first cut to the video clips.

Have the Right Hardware

In order to capture DV video onto your computer you need a firewire cable to connect the camcorder to the computer. Capturing DV requires a huge transfer of information that a regular USB can't handle. Not all computers have firewire ports and if yours is missing then you need to figure out an alternate solution like capturing the video else where.

Preparing the Video

The first step is to plug the camcorder into AC wall power. You do not want to be running on battery power when doing this because you don't want the battery to die in the middle of the capturing process. Next, connect the camcorder to the computer via the firewire. Turn the camcorder on and rewind the tape to the beginning.

Opening the Capture Window

Once Premiere is loaded and the new project is created it's time to start filling your bin with video clips. Go to "File"-> "Capture" for the "Capture Window" to open. You will now be able to control the VCR controls of your camcorder through this window.

Capturing Video

It is extremely important to stay organized when capturing your video. Before you do anything else you should enter in a name for your tape. This way, if something happened where the video files got erased you will be able to recapture the footage and have it fit into place with minimal effort on your part. 

Hit the Record Button in the Capture Window a couple of seconds before the clip starts so that way you're not unintentionally cutting anything off. After the portion of the clip you wanted has finished playing, click on the Stop Button and enter an appropriate name for the clip. You want a name that is very clear so that way you can easily identify it in the bin when editing. Repeat this process until all of your footage has been logged and captured.

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