Portrait Professional: Manipulating Skin Tone

Portrait Professional is sophisticated software for editing portrait photos and enhancing a subject's beauty. The software has been built around statistical data of beautiful human features, and the technology is geared to enhance the various aspects of the face and skin. Here are few steps to manipulating skin tone with this program.

Step 1: Load the Photos

Portrait Professional can touch up the skin tone anywhere on the body; it simply needs to be told where the skin is in the photograph. Once you load a portrait photo, the software will automatically select a skin tone, but sometimes it can leave out areas.

Step 2: Select the Skin Area

Go to the screen where you will find all the sliders in the right panel. Under Portrait Improving Sliders, select Show Skin Controls. In the window that opens, you will find a large button called Show Skin Area. When you click on this button, you will see a purple overlay in the photo where the software thinks the skin area is. You might find that it has not chosen all the skin area, so click on the Change Skin Area button. In the window that opens, select Full Body and click on Recalculate. Now you will find the purple overlay all over the skin area.

Step 3: Perform a More Detailed Selection

If you still find certain areas of the skin left out or areas which are not skin selected, you can do a manual selection with the brushes listed under Skin Area Brushes. One is Extend for including skin area and the other is Cut Back for excluding areas. When you click on these brushes, you get two more slider controls to adjust the size and strength of the brush. Click on the Extend brush and manually click on the areas which have been missed. You do not need to be accurate, as the software is quite intuitive. After you are done selecting, click on Hide Skin Area button. Now any changes you make in the skin tone will take place uniformly all through the skin area in the photo.