Portfolio Station 9.5: What's New

Portfolio Server is digital asset management software that helps you to manage your assets through software technology. Here are the latest and new features added to this product.

Type of Client

It has a unique serial code that gives access to the server and also to other client connections. Lincensing is taken care of at the server and, hence, there is no requirement for a serial number to be entered in the Desktop Clients.

Gallery for Flagged items

This allows you to select something that catches your eye for later observation. You can even download, tag, rename, move or delete the flagged item. Flagging makes the selection of items easier and quicker.


Now you can enjoy a full screen preview of the images. There is an additional feature through which you can interact with the images. You can use the magnify, pan, zoom in and out options in a quick and easy manner.


An additional feature with better 'welcome' screens, showcase tips and data that will guide you. You also have the 'configure' button that brings up a checklist of all tasks that are necessary to use the server.


The web client now displays alerts once the jobs are done. The toolbar shows information about the jobs still running on the server, while the status display shows the progress.


The downloading options have been improved; now you can download a current file or select multiple files to be compressed into a zip folder and downloaded at a single time.