Portfolio Server: Learning about Image Automation

Portfolio Server by Extensis is a simple to use and highly efficient digital asset management tool that is used in conjunction with the Adobe creative suite. It allows you to directly access items from Creative Suite applications and open, edit, save and place them as required. Searching for assets is completely cross platform and does not require you to launch another application.

The Portfolio Server is instrumental in automation of metadata-driven organization along with the tracking and distribution of digital assets. Perhaps one of the most important features of the Portfolio Server is the ability to induce image automation.

Increasing the Capacity of the Server

The Portfolio Server has a Web Client that allows you to directly access automation and file format enhancements by using NetMediaMAX. This causes the server to be faster because NetMediaMAX takes charge of all the asset-processing operations, and the client no longer bears the burden of the unnecessary tasks.

Automation Scripts

The server introduces a lot of automated scripts that save valuable time by auto converting the images to a more standardized format. This is done without the need to open multiple applications. The scripts also facilitates the resizing of all images in a batch, along with other tasks, such as conversion to a completely different file format and priming for usage on web and web-enabled devices. These preferences are also automatically saved for future batches.

Other automation options include posting by FTP, automatic notifications, using pre-defined metadata and file settings, and creating more than one derivatives of a single file.