Play With Pictures: What To Do with Your Cut Outs


It’s easy to manipulate and edit your photos on Play With Pictures, and creating layers and cut outs of other images also give you the same flexibility. This very user-friendly, no-frills program allows you to play around with your images and the cut outs you create. Despite its simplistic interface, you can still come up with professional-looking digitally-edited photos.

Creating Your Cut Outs

Through a simple series of clicks, this program gives you a clean and seamless cut out of your photo. For instance, if you want to isolate your subject from its background, you simply load your photo, and choose the Cut Out tool to eliminate the background. Your image is rendered is very small and specific areas, and you can choose which areas you want to delete in order to isolate your Cut Out. You can make your brush smaller to get in between those tiny spaces.

If you happen to make a mistake, simply Undo your work, or choose the Undo brush. You can sweep the brush across the deleted areas to make them reappear.

What to Do With Cut Outs

Once isolated, you have several options on how you can play around with your Cut Outs.

You can create a whole new different design from it by adding other elements around it.  You can add text, other images, talk balloons, and more. Through this, you can create a card or poster design.

You can also use your Cut Out over another image to create an illusion. For instance, you can have a Cut Out of yourself, and place it over a scenic background. You can even put another Cut Out on top of it, to make it look more realistic. Once you have a clean and seamless Cut Out of your subject, you can use it in a number of creative ways.