Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Water Drop Effect

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use, non-linear editing program that offers its users a ton of video effects to choose from. One of these is the water drop effect.

What Is the Water Drop Effect?

The water drop effect is efficiently described in it's time. What it does is create a digital water drop effect over your image. This effect is extremely useful because creating a real water drop effect is very time consuming. You need to create each individual drop and light it so that the drop is distinct and visible. You may even need to add some dye to the drop so that it has more distinct features and can pop out of the frame more. After all, water is clear so it's hard to be seen and requires a lot of manipulation on the filmmaker's part.

Making Water Drops Digitally

With the water drop effect, you can easily create and manipulate the water drops to suit your artistic tastes. This is a lot more time efficient than making the real thing. Plus, it doesn't involve the lens getting wet and needing to be cleaned. And, as with all digital effects, if you don't like them, you can just get rid of them and still be left with a clean image.

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