Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Video Effects Categories

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use, non-linear editing system that is full of a ton of video effects for users to incorporate into their projects. These effects can all be found in the video effects bin. Because lumping all of the effects together in one folder can get confusing due to there being so many, Pinnacle Studio has organized them into categories to make them easier for you to find.

Opening the Video Effects Bin

The video effects bin can be opened by selecting a clip on the timeline, and then clicking on the camcorder button. This opens the 'Video Toolbox'. Next, click on the 'Plug Icon' to access the effects bin.

The Video Effects Categories

The effects available in Pinnacle can get pretty advanced and are organized under the category of which Pinnacle program they fall. Some examples would be 'Studio HD RTFx', 'Studio Ultimate RTFx', 'RT FX Volume 1', 'Magic Bullet', and much more depending on which plug ins you add to your program.

Adding an Effect to Your Clip

Go through the effects and click on the ones you like. You will be able to see a preview of that effect before it is added to your project. If you're happy with that preview, then click 'OK' and it will be applied to your clip.

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