Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Transitions Section

The transitions section is located within the Album in Pinnacle Studio. Within the Transitions section, you will find many drag and drop clip transitions. A clip transition can be applied to the end of a clip. The purpose of the transition is to provide an animated clip that plays a video clip into the next video clip. The most popular types of transitions are fades, wipes and dissolves.

When you open the Transitions section in Pinnacle Studio, you will notice that the transitions are grouped together. You can use the drop down menu to select which transitions group you wish to view. Pinnacle Studio comes preloaded with 74 standard transitions and over 100 Alpha Magic transitions.

Transition Names in the Album

In the Album in Pinnacle Studio, the transitions are displayed by icons only. Unless you memorize which icon corresponds to which transition, you will need to display the name of the transition. You will notice that when your move your mouse over the icon, the mouse pointer turns into the grabber symbol. If you leave the grabber symbol over the transition icon for a moment, the name of the transition will be displayed.

Previewing Transitions

Being that the Transitions section in Pinnacle Studio contains almost 200 transitions, it is unlikely that you will know what purpose each transition serves. Pinnacle Studio makes it easy for you to preview the effects of each transition. To preview the effect of a transition, all you have to do is click on the transition icon.

When you click on the transition icon, Pinnacle Studio will automatically launch the Player. The Player will use the letters A and B to help demonstrate the effect of the transition. The letter A represents the original clip, while the letter B represents the new clip, with the transition applied. The Player will contain 4 windows. The first window will have the letter A, while the next three will have the letter B. Each window will show, in slow motion, how the transition you have selected progresses. As long as the transition icon remains selected, the Player will continue to display the effect of that transition.

Using Transitions

It is very easy to use transitions in Pinnacle Studio. All you have to do is drag the transition from the Transition section or Album and drop it next to any video clip, theme clip, or still image. If you have the Timeline view open, you can drop the transition on the main video track, the overlay track, or the title track. If you apply the transition to the main video track, the transition will be used to bridge two full-screen clips together. Transitions that are applied to overlay and title tracks will be used to bridge neighboring clips together.

Obtaining More Transitions

Pinnacle Studio gives you the option of obtaining more transitions. Via the Pinnacle Studio website, you are able to purchase additional transitions. The transitions that you may purchase are Hollywood FX transition packs.

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