Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Titles Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the titles section is located in the Album. The Titles section is represented by the letter T in the Album. In the Titles section, you will find a wide variety of text and graphic titles in different styles. You can use these titles in your movie as overlay titles or full screen titles.

The Titles section in the Album supports two different title formats. Those title formats are classic titles and motion titles. Each title format comes equipped with its own properties and editing tools. However, both allow you to combine text with shapes and images.

Titles Folders

You will notice that there is a folder name listed at the top left of the Titles section. The folder names will read either "My Motion Titles" or "My Classic Titles." In each folder, you will find classic titles and motion titles. The titles are represented by icons within the folder. Those folders are the default folders that are created by Pinnacle Studio. You can switch between the above named folders by using the drop down list in the Titles section.

Pinnacle Studio has two built in title editors. You can use these title editors to create your own titles. When creating titles, you will need to specify where the titles are to be saved to. If you save them to a different folder, you will need to use the Titles section to locate that folder. To access folders that were not created by Pinnacle Studio, you will need to click on the folder icon that is located to the right of the titles drop down list.

Difference Between Overlay and Full Screen Titles

When you apply an overlay title to a clip, that title becomes transparent. You will typically use overlay titles in conjunction with a scene from a video clip. With a full screen title, that title takes over the entire screen. If there are any transparent background areas in the screen, those areas will be replaced with black. If you are working with overlay titles, you will notice a gray checkerboard on the title. The purpose of the gray checkerboard is to let you know which portion of the overlay title will be treated as transparent.

Classic Titles

While you can apply very basic animation to classic titles, they are primarily static. Examples of animation that can be applied to classic titles include crawls and rolls. You will use the Classic Title editor in Pinnacle Studio to format classic titles. The Classic Title editor allows you to use variable characters and line spacing formatting in classic titles. If you are editing the visual appearance of disc menus, you will also use the Classic Title Editor.

Motion Titles

As the name suggests, motion titles are the exact opposite of classic titles. You will use the Motion Titler to customize motion titles. The Motion Titler provides very few options for editing the text of motion titles. However, the Motion Titler does come preloaded with many customizable animation routines. You cannot use the Motion Titler to edit disc menus.

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