Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Text View

There are 3 movie window views in Pinnacle Studio - timeline view, storyboard view and text view. The text view in Pinnacle Studio provides users with a list of the start and end times for all the clips in their video or project. The overall duration of the clips will also be displaced in the text view. The text view is a file-based mode.

The text view in Pinnacle Studio has many uses. Aside from giving you specific details regarding each clip, the text view also gives you a name for the clip so it is easier for you to organize your clips. This option is also quite helpful when you are tracking any problems in your video. Another use of the text view in Pinnacle Studio is that since it is a file-based mode, you can copy and paste the clips in an Excel worksheet.

Step 1: Importing the Video

First, you need to import your video from a device to the Pinnacle Studio. To do this, connect your device to your PC. Open the Pinnacle Studio, and click the Capture tab on the main Pinnacle Studio window. The Capture tab is located on the upper-left corner. It is also here where you will find the 3 basic functions of Pinnacle Studio - Capture, Edit and Make Movie.

After you have clicked the Capture tab, select the Start Capture. This will automatically import your video into the Studio. When you are done, just click Stop Capture. You can now start editing your video.

Step 2: Going to the Edit Tab

Once you are done capturing or importing your video, you can now start editing it. Go to the upper-left corner of your monitor again, but this time click the Edit tab. Once you click the Edit tab, you will be directed to the Edit window which will allow you to edit your video.

You will also see here the video that you have captured displayed in a clip catalog on the upper-left corner of the window. The Edit tab has 3 main windows - the Album, Player and Movie Window.

Step 3: Choosing the Text View

To switch to the Text View or Edit List view, move your cursor to the right side of your screen below the Player window. Below the preview window are 3 icons. Choose the icon with lines on it or the last icon - this will be the Text View. This will then show your clips in the Text View or in a list that includes all the clips in your video.

Step 4: Using the Text View Mode in Pinnacle Studio

Once you are on the Text View mode, you can see the run times and lengths of each clip or sequence. This can help you edit how long you want each clip to be, as well as provide you with more detailed information regarding each clip. Click each clip to give you a preview of the clip, which will be shown on the Player window of the Studio.

Step 5: Importing the Clips from Studio to an Excel Worksheet

You can copy and paste the clips in Pinnacle Studio to an Excel worksheet using the Text View mode. Just select the Text View icon. Copy all the clips you want transferred, and then paste them on an Excel worksheet.

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