Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Storyboard View

Pinnacle Studio is unique because it offers two views for editing your video projects, timeline and storyboard. A project in timeline view, which is used by most video programs, can be edited down to the exact frame, while the storyboard view offers a bigger picture of the edit. 

What Is a Storyboard?

Storyboards are tools that a director uses to plan his overall vision of how the project will play out. They're created in pre-production, usually before the crew is even hired. A movie is broken down into scenes and these scenes are broken down into shots. A shot is an individual video clip, and when edited together, they create a scene. Each image on a storyboard represents a shot.

The storyboards are used to express the director's creative vision with his crew so that they have a clear understanding of how to serve that vision. They're also extremely important to the person financing the movie because he can see where the money is going. If he's not happy with how the boards are playing out, he can ask for the director to make changes. 

What Is Storyboard View and Why Would You Use It?

Storyboard view takes your edited project and expresses your cuts as storyboards. Each shot is represented by the first frame in it. The primary usefulness of storyboard view is for planning. It's a great tool for getting a sense of how the project is coming together, but it is not well suited for doing some fine tuning edits. For precise edits, you should use the timeline view instead. 

You would use the storyboard view when you begin to initially edit your video to see the bigger picture of how it will all play out together. It's a good tool because it can save you sometime by realizing an edit might not be working. It's also useful to use this when an edit might not feel right when being played back.

The Timeline

Once you have laid out the sequence of you shots, you should switch to storyboard view to get into the editing stage. With the timeline, you can trim your clips down to the exact frame length that works best for the edit. You also have more precise control over your transitions in timeline view than you do in story book view.

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use program. If this is your first time using it, then try to become more acquainted with timeline view instead of storybook because most other non-linear editing programs use the timeline process. If you learn it here, then you will find using the other programs to be easier.

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