Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Still Image Section

The still image section in Pinnacle Studio can be found in the Album. When viewing the Still Image section, the Album will display thumbnail icons of image files. If any of the images in the Still Images section are currently being used within your project, a checkmark symbol will appear next to the image file.

Still Images Folder

When viewing the Still Images section, you will notice that there are folder names towards the top left of the section. The folder name that is displayed is the location of the images that are found in the Still Images section. You can quickly and easily add images to the Still Images section by adding the images to the folder name that is displayed.

Accepted Still Images

There are a few different types of still images that you can use in your project. The Frame grabber tool is located in the video toolbox. If you have used that tool to take a snapshot of an individual video frame, that snapshot will be available in the Still Images section. Pinnacle Studio allows you to add most disk-based image files to the Still Images section, as well.

The Still Images section will also contain all types of text captions and graphics. Included with the text captions and graphics are scrolling credits and crawled messages. The Still Images section in Pinnacle Studio also supports specialized images. Specialized images are disc menus for DVD, VCD and BD authoring.

Adding Still Images

Pinnacle Studio treats still images as being full-screen images or transparent backgrounds. To add images from the Still Images section in Pinnacle Studio, you must have the Movie Window opened in Timeline view. If you would like to add a full-screen image that has a solid background to your project, you must add the image directly to the video track.

To add images that appear in your movie as being a transparent background, the image must be added to the title track. When you add a transparent background to a Pinnacle Studio project, the background will be superimposed over any and all clips that are on the video track. Pinnacle Studio only accepts TIFF and PNG images for transparent backgrounds.

Editing Still Images in the Still Images Section

With an image clip selected in the Still Images section, go to Toolbox then Modify Clip Properties. You can only use the Clip properties tool to edit bitmapped images. Pinnacle Studio allows you to zoom in and crop still images and rotate still images.

One of the most commonly used tools is the red eye reduction tool. To remove the red eye effect from your still image, click on the left button in the red eye group in the Clip properties tool. On the preview of the still image itself, click above and to the left of the area that you want the red eye reduction applied to. Drag your mouse in a downward direction until the area where the reduction should be applied is fully enclosed. When you release your mouse, Pinnacle Studio will automatically apply the red eye reduction.

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