Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Old Film Effect and Stained Glass Effect

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use video editing software program that offers its users a ton of video effects to enhance their work. Two of these are the Old Film Effect and the Stained Glass Effect.

The Old Film Effect

The name does a great job at describing what the effect does. It makes your video look like an old film. It desaturizes the color into one tone and looks closer to sepia than black and white. In addition to that, digital dust and scratches are added over the video to give it a worn out look. You would use this effect when showing a character's flash back or when trying to mimic an old news reel, as if you're telling a story about the past.

Stained Glass Effect

This is another effect whose name is an accurate description. The Stained Glass Effect breaks your image down into sectors based on shape. These sectors are then reassigned a solid color based on the shades of color that were there. Your image ends up looking like a moving stained glass portrait instead of a video. This effect is great for music videos because it dramatically alters the video into something that looks more like animation. 

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