Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Noise Effect

Pinnacle Studio offers it's users a wide range of video effects to apply towards their clips. One of these effects is the noise effect.

What Is Noise?

When we talk about noise in digital photography and videography, we are referring to images that are grainy. The image is not very clear or sharp, and the color levels are not perfect. This usually happens when shooting at a high ISO. Because the image sensor is so sensitive to light at that setting, it is easily bothering by other factors in the environment (and camera) that cause it to record the noise.

Working with Noise

Usually you do not want to subject your images to noise. You compensate for the lack of light by either adding light, opening the aperture, or changing the shutter speed (if practical). Noise is generally considered a product of poor videography skills. Avoid shooting video with noise.

Instead, if for artistic reasons you want the noise present (perhaps the shot is from a killers POV or a flashback), then add the noise in post production. This way you can control how the noise affects your clip, and if you end up not liking it, then you can just delete the effect and still be left with a great looking video.

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