Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Lens Flare Effect

To understand the lens flare effect, you need to understand what lens flare is. Lens flare occurs when light is directly hitting the camera lens, creating a glaring light on your frame. They're typically avoided, but sometimes they are artistically desired.

Creating a Lens Flare

You are better off creating one in post production that you can easily control, as opposed to trying to make the effect while shooting. There are two reasons behind this. One is that they are difficult to control, to make them work the exact way you want, and the other is that they are nearly impossible to remove once they've been recorded.

Creating a lens flare in an editing program is great because you have control over where the flare comes from, how intense it is, and even how it moves. All you need to do is build the flare in your first clip of video. You can then create key frames to manipulate the motion and scale of the lens throughout the clip.

The best part of creating the flare in post is that you can easily change it, and if you end up not liking it, you can easily remove it from the clip without altering your video. Again, avoid shooting an actual flare, and just create one in post production.

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