Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the DVD Player Control

In Pinnacle Studio, the DVD player control is located within the Player. You will use the controls to preview movies that contain menus. This guideline will go over the main functions behind each of the control buttons.

Main Menu

The main menu button is represented by the letter I. When you press the main menu button, Pinnacle Studio will jump to the first menu in your movie.

Previous Menu

The previous menu button looks like an arrow that is pointing to the left. The previous menu button will cause your movie to jump to the most recently active menu when pressed.

Previous Chapter and Next Chapter

Both the previous chapter and next chapter buttons look like arrowheads that are being pushed into a line. When you press the previous chapter button, you will be taken to the start of the current chapter that you are viewing. The next chapter button will bring you forward to the next chapter in your movie.

Button Selection

The button selection cluster contains an up, down, left, and right arrow and a center oval button. You will use the arrows to navigate a disc menu. To enter a menu that you have selected with an arrow, press the center oval button.

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