Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Disc Menus Section

In Pinnacle Studio, the Disc Menus section is located within the Album. The Disc Menus section is represented by an icon that contains a folder that is overlapping a compact disc. When you open the Disc Menus section, you will have access to many artist designed menus. These menus are to be used with DVD, VCD and S-VCD authoring.

If you need to edit any of the menus that are located within the Disc Menus section, you can use the Classic Title Editor. Disc menus are actually classic titles that have been specifically designed for use as disc menus. If you are using any of the disc menus that are found in the Disc Menus section within your movie, there will be a checkmark symbol located next to the disc menus icon.

Disc Menus Folder

You can select different disc menu folders that were created by Pinnacle Studio by using the drop down folder list. The drop down folder list is located at the top left of the Disc Menus section. If you created your own disc menus and stored them to a folder not created by Pinnacle Studio, you will not be able to locate that folder by using the drop down folder list. Instead, you will need to click on the folder icon that is located to the right of the drop down folder list. The folder icon allows you to browse the hard drive on your computer so that you can locate the folder.

Motion Background Symbol

There are several disc menus in the Disc Menus section that will contain the motion background symbol. The motion background symbol will be located in the bottom right hand corner of the disc menu icon. The motion background symbol is an orange design in a little black box.

The purpose of the motion background symbol is to let you know which disc menus have backgrounds that contain moving video. Any disc menu that does not contain the motion background symbol will contain static background pictures only. Pinnacle Studio also allows you to create disc menus that incorporate moving video in the background.

Obtaining Additional Disc Menus

Pinnacle Studio gives you the option of obtaining additional disc menus. Through the Pinnacle Studio website, you are able to purchase additional disc menus. You can be directed to the Pinnacle Studio website by going to Help and then Purchase activation keys. There are also many third party companies that create disc menus for use in Pinnacle Studio.

Using the Disc Menus Section

Every disc menu in the Disc Menus section contains a background picture, a title, a set of chapter buttons, and a pair of Next page and Previous page buttons. When you are selecting a disc menu, you need to pay attention to how many chapter buttons the disc menu contains. To add a disc menu to your project, all you have to do is drag the disc menu from the Disc Menus section and drop it onto the video or title track.

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