Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Blur Effect

Pinnacle Studio is an easy-to-use video editing program that offers users a ton of video effects to choose from. One of these effects is the blur effect. Camera lenses operate on the science of optics. Part of that science involves bringing an object into focus over a distance, making it appear sharp and distinct with most details easily seen. The opposite of an image in focus is a blurred image. You never want to shoot an image out of focus and blurry because you're going to be stuck with it. But, you can easily make a video clip burred with the blur effect.

Why Would You Want to Use the Blur Effect?

You would want to use the blur as an artistic effect. Perhaps the scene you're editing is really supposed to be a dream. You can let the audience know that something isn't quite right by having the scene slightly burred (like it really isn't happening). Or maybe you're dealing with a shot that is from the POV of a wounded character. You can show his weakness by having his vision blurred.

The creative reasons are up to you. Just make sure when you're shooting that the image is in sharp focus. You can always add a blur in post, but you can't fix a blurred image if it was shot that way.

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