Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Black and White Color Effect

Pinnacle Studio offers its users a ton of video effects to choose from when editing their projects; one of these is the black and white color effect. The black and white color effect takes a video clip that was shot in color and turns it into black and white. This is useful when you wish to use black and white as an artistic technique, such as showing a clip as a flash back like in the movie 'American History X'.

Shooting in Color vs Black and White

The black and white color effect will not give your video the same exact look that the video would have if it was shot in black and white. It should only be used when black and white was not considered when shooting, or if it was not possible for the camera to shoot in black and white.

Another reason to shoot in black and white as opposed to color is that your black and white lighting will be different. Black and white allows you the ability to use shadows more dramatically, and it's easier to manage your lighting when the viewfinder and monitor are set to black and white. If you know you want the video to be black and white, then shoot it in black and white.

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