Pinnacle Studio: Understanding the Audio Toolbox

The audio toolbox in pinnacle Studio has 6 tools. Those tools are clip properties, volume and balance, voice-overs, CD audio, background music and audio effects. This guideline will go over the main functions of each of the 6 tools located in the audio toolbox in Pinnacle Studio.

Clip Properties

The main function of the clip properties tool is to adjust, or trim, the start and end times for any clip in your project. If you need to change the default name of a specific clip, you can also do that by using the clip properties tool. The name of a clip is only displayed when you have the Movie Window opened in Text View.

Volume and Balance

In Pinnacle Studio, each clip can have three audio tracks. The audio tracks are original audio, sound effects and voice-overs and background music. The volume and balance control allows you to adjust the master volume controls for each of these tracks. In addition to being able to control the volume levels, the volume and balance tool also allows you to mute tracks and add real-time volume fades to trades.

The balance aspect of the volume and balance tool in the audio toolbox allows you to position your tracks independently of one another. You can position the tracks in a one-dimensional stereo or a two-dimensional surround-sound space. If you are editing the overlay track with the volume and balance tool, you will be provided with options that will solely affect the overlay audio track.


The voice-overs tool in the audio toolbox in Pinnacle Studio allows you to record voice-overs. To record voice-overs, all you need is a microphone. To begin recording a voice-over, just click the Record button, which is located in the voice-over tool and you will be ready.

CD Audio

The purpose of the CD audio tool in the audio toolbox is to allow you to add tracks from an audio CD to your various clips. Pinnacle Studio gives you options for adding an entire CD or just specific tracks.

Background Music

By using Scorefitter in Pinnacle Studio, you are able to add background music to your project. Scorefitter is a powerful music generator. The background music tool allows you to choose a style, song and version when creating background music. The musical soundtrack that is generated by Scorefitter will exactly match the duration of your movie.

Audio Effects

The final tool in the audio toolbox in Pinnacle Studio is the audio effects tool. The audio tool allows you to apply plug-in audio effects to any audio clip in your project. The most common format for audio plug-ins is VST standard. Pinnacle Studio uses VST standard audio plug-ins because that allows you to add third party plug-ins to your library. A few of the audio effects included with Pinnacle Studio are the noise reduction filter, reverb, chorus, and parametric EQ. You are also able to purchase additional audio effect plug-ins from the Pinnacle Studio website.

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