Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Strobe

If you've ever been to a dance club, then you've seen a strobe light before. A strobe light is a very bright light that flashes at intervals, making a room go from light to dark in a series of intervals. It's a very interesting lighting effect, and thanks to Pinnacle Studio, you can have the strobe effect on your video clips without having to shoot it that way. There is a strobe effect that you can add, which allows you full control over how the strobe works.

How the Strobe Works

The strobe effect is composed of three parts: the intensity and size of the strobe light, the length of time the light stays on screen and the intervals between flashes. Depending on how you set the controls, your normal clip can go from being bright to being dark or being normal to very bright, or however else you wish to program it.

Why You Would Want to Use It

Getting a strobe effect when shooting can be tricky. You would need to have a strobe light and have someone to operate it. With this effect, all you need to do is drag it onto your video clip and enter in the controls. Worst comes to worse, you can modify the effect if you're not happy with it. 

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