Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Stabilize

Pinnacle Studio offers users a ton of effects to enhance their videos. In fact, some of these effects can even fix mistakes made when shooting; one of these effects gives you the ability to stabilize shaky video.

How It Works

The stabilizer feature works by blowing up the size of your video clip. Each frame is then scanned for rapid movement. Based on that data, the program then aligns each frame so that the entire clip appears to be still. Now, keep in mind that this is not a magical tool that can automatically fix bad video. If your footage is pretty extreme on the shakiness, then the stabilizer is not going to work. But, for most handheld footage, it offers a significant improvement. 

Don't Rely on Effects

Never think of these features to be an excuse to shooting poor video. The best way to achieve great looking video is to shoot it like that. Be very deliberate with your camera moves, and if there is a shakiness you don't like, don't say "I'll fix it in post." Shoot it again and again until you're happy with the final product. Believe it or not, it's a lot less labor intensive to shoot it again than fix it in post. 

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