Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Sepia

Sepia is a video effect available in Pinnacle studio. it is a reproduction of the sepia photographic effect. Sepia gives a photo a warm tone, and it's achieved by developing the film in a special chemical solution. Sepia is used to give a photo an authentic aged look. It can be described as being similar to black and white, but instead of being based on a gray scale, it's based on a brown/gold scale.

When to Use Sepia

The most famous example of the use of sepia in popular culture is 'The Wizard of Oz'. All of the scenes in Kansas are in sepia and not black and white. It's also commonly used in movies for flash backs and dream sequences. Amusement parks with old frontier towns offer visitors the option to have their photo taken in the old western town they built. These photos are then given to the visitor in sepia, so that it looks old and authentic. 

Because you can add sepia in post production, you should avoid directly shooting your video with that setting. Shoot the video in color. That way, if the sepia does not work, you can always change it as opposed to being stuck with it.

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