Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Posterize

The posterize effect is a very interesting video effect available in Pinnacle Studio that gives your image a very stylized look.

What Is the Posterized Look?

The effect is created by reducing the total amount of colors. This lack of distinct color creates large areas of flat color where shading once existed. It gives the video a look similar to a poster or painted drawing. In fact, the name is a reference to posters that would give an animated look to a still image. 

This is a very unique look that was once popularized in the early music videos of the 1980s. It is not as popular today, but it is still used. However, with the advancements made in digital technology, most people are choosing to rotoscope over their video to give it a higher quality animated look.

Temporal Posterization

Temporal posterization works by taking frames away from a video clip without altering the play back speed. Instead, frames blend together creating something that is most similar to the strobe effect, although the lighting remains unchanged. The video when played back can be described as choppy.

It's called temporal posterization because it removes frames from the video clip, just like posterization removes colors from the scheme to blend the images together.

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