Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is an audio effect available in Pinnacle Studio. The purpose of the effect is to help users clean up poor audio tracks that were recorded with their video. The effect is very general and can make a huge difference, but it is a little too broad for precise audio editing.

When Would You Use It?

You would try using noise reduction when there is unwanted wind noise or a hum from some electric appliance, perhaps even a motor off screen. This effect isolates a noise's frequency and eliminates it from the audio. But, because all the audio was recorded with one microphone on a single audio track, some noises overlap each other. You can eliminate the entire noise, but you may also drastically alter the voices of the actors speaking on screen. 

Other Tips

You should never get into the habit of using noise reduction as a crutch. Instead, have a person on your shoot be responsible for getting great audio, or at the very least wear headphones and monitor the audio. If something comes out bad, shoot it again instead of trying to fix it in post. You'll save yourself a lot of aggravation and time getting it done right on set. 

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