Pinnacle Studio: Understanding Auto Color Correct

Auto color correct is a quick, but imperfect way to color correct your video. What it does is hand over control to the computer and allows it to decide what color is true white in the image. Then, it bases the rest of the colors off of that. It's a fast way to improve your video's look in a jam, but it is by no means perfect. It should not be used as a short cut. If you have the time, then you should always manually color correct yourself rather than surrendering control to the program.

Understanding Why You Need to Color Correct

Light comes in many different colors. Your eye automatically adjust to the differing hues, but a camera doesn't, which is why it's important to always white balance. Of course, conditions are never perfect, and usually some degree of color correcting is needed.

Why Manual Is Better than Auto

When you auto color correct, you allow the computer to determine what is white, and then adjust the rest of the RGB colors to accommodate that. The big draw back is that the computer will constantly analyze the clip, so if there is movement, your color correction values can visibly change in the clip. If you entered the values in yourself, you do not experience this problem.

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