Pinnacle Studio: Tips for Using Menus from the Album

Pinnacle Studio is a dynamic and incredibly easy-to-use, non-linear video editing software. Not only can it edit video, but it can also capture it, create titles, create world class effects, export edited video to tape, export edited video to other file formats, and make DVDs. This program has everything you need to turn your movie projects into DVDs that you can watch in your family's living room. It even comes with it's own disc menus that you can use.

Choose a Menu Appropriate for the Occasion

In the Album, there is a Disc Menus section where you can browse through the menus that Pinnacle has to offer. These menus have been designed for particular occasions, authoring styles and chapter counts. Each menu has its own background picture, chosen by the designers at Pinnacle.

Because these menus have been created for particular occasions, that should be the first factor that comes in choosing which menu is right for your project. This is a subjective manor that is a personal choice. A menu with a birthday theme is not particularly appropriate for a graduation to one person, and yet someone else can find a lot of appropriate symbolism in it. Choose a menu that you personally find appropriate for your edited project.

Factor in the Chapter Counts

These menus all come with their own predetermined chapter buttons that vary from one menu to another. Choose a menu whose chapter menus correspond to the number of video clips you wish to link.

Keep in mind that it is easier for the audience to navigate through a few pages with a lot of chapter buttons rather than a lot of pages with a few chapter buttons. Constantly choosing Next to find the chapter, while there's a lot of blank space on the menu, will test a lot of people's patience and probably isn't the best way to get them to see everything on your DVD.

Adding Captions

The less chapter buttons on a menu page means that you can add captions to the chapter. When creating captions, try to keep them short and to the point. If the DVD is of a graduation and the section is people getting their diplomas, then call the chapter 'Receiving of the Diplomas'. If space is a factor, then just 'Diplomas' will do to get the message across.

You can also do the simple route of naming the buttons 'Chapter 1', Chapter 2' and so on.

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