Pinnacle Studio: Scene Detection

The scene detection feature in Pinnacle Studio is very useful. If you have scene detection enabled, Pinnacle Studio will divide your footage up into scenes when you import the footage into Pinnacle Studio. The purpose of the scene detection feature is to make your job easier in terms of locating and editing the footage that you have imported into Pinnacle Studio.

If you are importing footage that has come from an DV or HDV source, Pinnacle Studio will automatically enable scene detection for you. Via the scene detection feature, Pinnacle Studio will detect natural breaks in the video you are importing. The various scenes that are created will be based off of those natural breaks.

The scene detection options are available in the Mode panel. If you are importing HDV or DV footage, all of the scene detection options listed below will be available to you. If you are importing analog footage, option 1 and option 2 will not be available to you. Through the Mode panel, you can turn off scene detection and reset the scene detection options, as well. This guideline will go over the four scene detection options and how to change the scene detection thumbnails that are created by Pinnacle Studio.

Option 1 - Automatic Based on Shooting Time and Date

With this scene detection option, Pinnacle Studio will monitor the time stamp that is on your video footage as you are importing it. Whenever a discontinuity is found, a new scene will automatically be created. This scene detection option is only available when you are importing footage from a DV source.

Option 2 - Automatic Based on Video Content

While this option is one of the most commonly used scene detection options, it will not work well unless the lighting is stable throughout your video. With this option, Pinnacle Studio will monitor the video content you are importing. If there is a large change in the images of the footage, Pinnacle Studio will automatically create a new scene.

Option 3 - Create New Scene Every X Seconds

If you select this scene detection option, you will need to instruct Pinnacle Studio how often you want new scenes created. This is a great option if the footage that you are importing contains continuous shots that are rather long in length.

Option 4 - No Automatic Scene Detection

With the no automatic scene detection option, you will be responsible for creating scene breaks. You will be able to monitor the entire capture process in Pinnacle Studio. To create a new screen break during capture, all you have to do is press the Space bar on your keyboard.

Changing the Scene Detection Thumbnails

After you have finished importing footage into Pinnacle Studio through scene detection, thumbnails will be created for each scene. The thumbnail icon will, by default, display the first frame of that scene. If you would like to change which frame is displayed as the thumbnail icon, select the icon that you would like to change and open the Player. You can use the Player to find the frame that you want used as the thumbnail icon. Once you have located the frame, go to Album and then Set Thumbnail.

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