Pinnacle Studio: How To Work With Multiple Capture Files

It is very easy to work with multiple capture files in Pinnacle Studio. When you are working on your project, you may find that you need to incorporate scenes that are from multiple source tapes. Or, you may need to access different capture files made from one tape. In both scenarios, you will need to work with multiple capture files. In three easy steps, this guideline will teach you how to use multiple capture files.

When working with multiple capture files in Pinnacle Studio, you need to pay attention to the frame formats of your capture files. Your movie can only utilize one frame format. The frame formats supported by Pinnacle Studio are standard, which is 4:3, and widescreen, which is 16:9. Pinnacle Studio will use the first video clip that you add to your movie to determine the frame format for your entire movie. If you try to add a clip to your movie that is in a standard frame format, but your movie is in a widescreen frame format, the footage that is contained within that clip will automatically be modified to a widescreen frame format. This may cause your footage to become distorted.

Step 1: The Movie Window

In order to begin working with multiple capture files, you need to load the files into the Album in Pinnacle Studio. Once you have the files in the Album, you will need to open the Movie Window. Take the capture files from the Album and drag them into the Movie Window. Pinnacle Studio should have automatically loaded the files into the Album when you captured your original footage. If you are starting from scratch, read the directions in step two for importing video scenes into the Album.

Step 2: Opening the Second Capture File

Now that you have transferred video from your first capture file, you are ready to move onto your second capture file. You will need to open the Album again and be in the Video Scenes section. The Video Scenes section will allow you to access your second capture file. To access your second capture file from the Video Scenes section, use the drop down list or the folder button. You will then be able to browse your hard drive so that you can locate your second capture file. Pinnacle Studio will only display scenes from the file that are currently open in the Album.

Step 3: Dragging Scenes

This step is identical to step one. Pinnacle Studio should have automatically imported video scenes from your second capture file into the Album. Now that the scenes are in the Album, you are able to drag the scenes into the Move Window so that you can use them in your movie. You will need to repeat these steps for any additional capture files that you need to access. You may want to consider using the Project Bin once you have imported all of your video files. The Project Bin only contains files that have scenes you have added to your movie.

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