Pinnacle Studio: How To View Captured Video

In Pinnacle Studio, you can view individual or multiple scenes in the open captured video file at any time. In two easy steps, you are able to view captured video in Pinnacle Studio. This guideline will go over how to preview digital video files and how to view captured video starting at a selected scene.

Previewing Digital Video Files

In addition to being able to view captured video, Pinnacle Studio gives you the option of previewing video without having to open the file in the Album. To do this, you will need to open the folder in the Album that contains the digital video files. With the folder open, all you need to do is select the name of the digital video file. With the name of the digital video file selected, you will now be able to use the Player to preview the video. If you need to preview more than one file, simply select all of the digital video files before accessing the Player.

Step 1: Viewing Captured Video - The Album

To begin viewing captured video in Pinnacle Studio, you need to have the video scenes open in the Album. To open the folder that contains the video scenes that you wish to preview, you will need to select the folder name from the drop down list. The drop down list is located on the folder contents page of the Album.

With the folder open, select the icon of the scene that you wish to view. When you click on the icon, the Player will automatically display the first frame of the selected scene. If you wish to view more than one scene, you are able to select those scenes, as well. To do this, press and hold the Control button on your keyboard while you are selecting the scenes.

Step 2: Viewing Captured Video - The Player

With the scene's clip selected and the first frame of the selected scene being displayed in the Player, click on the Play button in the Player. The Player will begin to play the selected scene once the Play button has been clicked. If you selected more than one scene icon in the Album, the Player will play those scenes, as well. If you selected multiple scenes in the Album, you will notice that Pinnacle Studio highlights those scenes as they are being played in the Player. As the scene progresses, the Player scrubber will display the current point of the play relative to your entire movie.

Going back to the Album, each scene thumbnail will have a progress bar. If you selected only one scene, the progress bar will show how far along you are in viewing that scene. If you selected multiple scenes, the progress bar will jump from one scene thumbnail to the next. In the case of multiple scenes, the progress bar is showing how much longer it will take to view all of the scenes that were selected.

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