Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Volume and Balance Tool

The volume and balance tool in Pinnacle Studio offers users the ability to mix their video in a virtual audio mixer. This makes the process quicker and easier to do because the work space is larger, and also because you can see the audio levels. There are anywhere from four to five different audio channels.

Adjusting Volume

There are five audio channels that you can work with. These channels are the Original Audio (that was joined with your video), the Overlay Audio (displayed only if there is overlay audio on the timeline), Sound Effects, Voice Over and Background Music. To change the volumes, all you need to do is adjust the slider next to the channel. The goal is to have everything loud and heard without hitting the red levels. You can also use these controls to mute the channel entirely. You can also use this to adjust the balance in stereo clips.

Balance Control

On the right hand side of the Volume and Balance Tool is the Balance control. This tool is represented by a room which allows you to see how the changes in balance will affect how your audio is heard in an area. This takes some of the guess work out when it comes to balancing audio as a way of drawing the audience into your work.

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