Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Voice Over Tool

A voice over is the voice of an unseen commentator in a video or broadcast. The voice over is often used when a scene is shot that requires a description or narrative. Pinnacle Studio allows you to record a voice over to your video.

Step 1: Opening the Voice Over Tool

To open the voice over tool in Pinnacle Studio, open the video you want to put a voice over recording on. After opening the video, click Setup and then choose Voice and Audio Preferences. Here you will see the Voice Over tool.

Step 2: Choosing the Microphone

Choose the type of microphone you will be using from the drop down menu of the Voice Over recording tool. The microphone should be appropriately connected to your computer. Once the microphone is connected, it should automatically show in the menu box.

Step 3: Set the Audio

After you have chosen your microphone, you now need to set the audio track. To do this, go to the preview window of your video and look at the status line below the window preview. The audio icon is the microphone with a line color red crossing it. Just click the microphone icon to activate the audio.

Step 4: Setting up the Voice Over Recording Tool

Go to the top portion of the window and click Toolbox. From the drop down menu, choose Record Voice Over. After doing this, you will see the voice over dialog box. On this box, you can make adjustments on the recording of your voice over. You can change the volume of the voice over by adjusting the recording levels. This is set using the Record Level slider. The slider is next to the "vue meter." The vue meter for the voice over turns green to yellow and vice over depending on the level of the volume.

It is advisable to do some tests by speaking into your microphone. One you are satisfied with the audio level, you can then proceed to actually recording the voice over.

Step 5: Recording the Voice Over

To start recording your voice over, click the Record button. After clicking the Record button, the tab will change to a Stop button. Do not start speaking after immediately clicking the Record button since a 3 second countdown will play first.

After the countdown is done playing, a light will turn on to signify that recording has started. Make sure that the light is on, the video is playing and the button indicates Recording. You can now start recording your voice over. When you are done, just press the Stop button. Clicking the Stop button will automatically put your voice over on the track's sound effects and voice over. The recorded voice over will appear in the voice over window below your video and sound windows on the timeline. It is advisable to practice the lines or narration before you actually record the voice over.

Step 6: Testing the Voice Over

Once you are done recording your voice over, you can check to see the overall effect. To do this, select the clip where you place the voice over and click Play.

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