Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Timeline Audio Tracks

There are four main audio tracks in the Timeline in Pinnacle Studio. Those audio tracks are the original audio track, the overlay audio track, the sound effect and voice-over track, and the background music track. This guideline will go over the main functions of each audio track and how to switch between the various audio tracks.

Original Audio Track

The original audio track contains the audio captured along with your video clips. The audio found within this track is recorded by Pinnacle Studio simultaneously with the video track. For that reason, the original audio track audio is often referred to as synchronous audio. When viewing the Timeline, the original audio track is located directly beneath the video.

Overlay Audio Track

The overlay audio track contains any audio that was on the video overlay track. By default, the overlay audio track is hidden by the Timeline in Pinnacle Studio. When the overlay audio track is made visible, it will appear as the last audio track in the Timeline.

Sound Effect and Voice-Over Track

As the name suggests, the sound effect and voice-over track contains any sound effects and voice-overs that you have added to your movie. This track is displayed under the title track in the Timeline. You can add sound effects to your movie project by dragging them from the sound effects portion of the Album.

Background Music Track

As long as the overlay audio track is not displayed, the background music track is the final track that you will see in the Timeline. You can store various types of background music within this track, such as MP3 or WAV audio files and music that you have generated by using ScoreFitter.

Switching Audio Tracks

You cannot change how Pinnacle Studio adds audio to the various Timeline audio tracks. When a new video clip is added to your project, the audio contained within that track will always be added to the original audio track. If you add a voice-over to your project, that voice-over will always be sent to the sound effect and voice-over track.

However, once the audio has been assigned to a audio track by Pinnacle Studio, you are able to move that audio clip to a different track. Every audio track found on the Timeline in Pinnacle Studio has been designed so that it can handle any type of audio clip that is supported by Pinnacle Studio. To move an audio clip to a different audio track, all you have to do is click and drag the clip onto that track.

It is a bit more difficult to add audio clips to the original audio track. By default, Pinnacle Studio combines the audio track and associated video track together. If you need to add an audio clip to the original audio track, you need to instruct Pinnacle Studio to treat the original audio track as being separate from the main video track. To do this, you need to lock the video track. This can be done by selecting the lock icon, which is located to the right of the video track in the Timeline.

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