Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the the Picture-In-Picture Tool

The Picture-In-Picture tool in Pinnacle Studio allows users to show more than one video on the same screen. Picture-In-Picture, or PIP, can also show multiple video shots in a single screen to simulate a simultaneous broadcast. This tool also allows users to be more creative. Using the Picture-In-Picture tool in Pinnacle Studio is easy. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to use the PIP effect.

Step 1: Uploading the Videos

First, upload the videos you want to use for the PIP effect. To do this, connect your camcorder to the computer or open the folder where your videos are located. Choose the Capture tab to upload the videos you will use.

Step 2: Setting the Pinnacle Studio to Timeline mode

To use the Picture-In-Picture tool, open Pinnacle Studio and set it to Timeline mode. To do this, go to the View menu. Here you will see the Timeline tab. Select the Timeline tab. This will set your program to the Timeline mode.

Step 3: Preparing the Videos

Once you have set the program to the Timeline mode, you then need to prepare the videos you will use for the Picture-In-Picture tool. This step will help you prepare both the background footage and overlay footage for your video.

Drag the footage you want to be the background video to the timeline in the top video track. After doing this, you then need to drag the footage you want to place into it onto the overlay track.

Step 4: Opening and Enabling the PIP Icon

After selecting the background and overlay footages, you can now open the Picture-In-Picture tool. You can do this by double-clicking the overlay footage. This will open up the effects panel. In the effects panel, you will see the PIP icon. The PIP tool is the second icon from the bottom on the left hand side of the screen or monitor. You then need to select the PIP icon. After, check the box beside Enable PIP. Once you have checked the box, you can now press Play to see the PIP effect in your videos.

Step 5: Re-Sizing the Overlay Footage

With the PIP tool, you can also re-size your overlay footage to make it smaller than the background footage. To do this, you can use the dropdown menu at the top of the panel to re-size the overlay footage. However, you can simply drag the image by clicking and dragging on it in the left hand side of the monitor. You can also click on the corners of the overlay footage to make it smaller or bigger.

Step 6: Creating a Split-Screen PIP Effect

You can also use the Picture-In-Picture tool in Pinnacle Studio to create a split-screen effect of the 2 videos. To do this, go to the top left portion of the PIP window panel. Here, you will find the Crop button. Click the Crop button and then drag the overlay footage inwards starting from the corner of the left hand monitor. After dragging the overlay footage, you will see a box which can control the portion of your overlay frame.

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