Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the The Chroma Key Tool

The Chroma key tool in Pinnacle Studio allows users to superimpose an image onto any video or background recorded through a green or blue screen. The video editing software in Pinnacle Studio 12 is used to remove the blue or green screen so that the image alone is seen on the video.

Step 1: Prepare the Green/Blue Screen Shot

Place the green screen in a location where you can easily hang it. The Pinnacle Academic Toolkit includes a large green sheet that you can use. After you have chosen the location and hung the screen, set up your camera in such a way that only the screen is seen. Make sure there are no spaces and that only the green screen fills the viewfinder of your camera. Let your subject stand in front of the screen to test the lighting and blocking. Make necessary adjustments. It is important to remember that there should be no light glares or hot spots on the screen and harsh shadows. Also, do not let your subject wear green, otherwise they will fade into the background unless this is part of your creative plan.

Step 2: Film on the Screen

After everything is set, you can start filming. Start filming your subject in front of the green or blue screen, making sure that only the screen is seen in the viewfinder the entire time. It is also advisable that you let your subject rehearse any movement or lines they need to do for your video. If your scene requires a lot of big movements, like walking or running, ensure that the subject always stays within the confines of the screen.

Step 3: Film the Background Image

Once you are satisfied with your action shot, you can now proceed to shooting the image or background you will use. Just film the image you want, whether it is a previously shot scene or a new one.

Step 4: Upload the Video

When you are done filming, you can now upload your video in Pinnacle Studio. Connect your camera or camcorder to your computer and open Pinnacle Studio. Choose the Capture tab to upload your video.

Step 5: Transferring Video to Pinnacle Studio

Once the video is uploaded, click the Edit tab. At the bottom, you will see the timeline which is broken into several tracks. The titles, video overlays and the Chroma key clips are on the third one, while the main video footage is on the first track. Click the folder of your video and drag the folder to the video timeline. You then need to choose the Chroma key image. Drag the image to the 3rd track.

Step 6: Re-sizing the Image

To match the image to your video footage stage, drag the handles which are bordering the image. After you are satisfied, set the parameters by entering the width, height, vertical and horizontal values.

Step 7: Using the Chroma Key

At the Toolbox menu, choose Add Video Overlay Effects tab. You then need to select the Chroma key. A pop-up menu will appear. Here, select the Enable Chroma Keying tab and choose the eye-dropper icon. Click the area on the right of the video screen using the eye-dropper icon. This will change the solid color to your new background.  

Step 8: Playing the Video

After you are done, click Play to review the new video. The Play button is located on the top right portion of the screen.

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