Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Text Styling Controls

In Pinnacle Studio, the text styling controls are located within the Edit Window of the Classic Title Editor. You will find the text styling controls at the top right of the Edit Window. This guideline will go over the main functions of each of the controls.

Font Style Buttons

The first three buttons in the text styling controls cluster are font style buttons. The three available styles are bold, italic and underlined.

Text Formatting Options

The fourth button in the text styling controls cluster looks like left aligned text. When you click on the button, a menu will appear that displays text formatting options. The available text formatting options are left align, center align, right align, shrink to fit, scale to fit, word wrap on and word wrap off.

Font List and Size Selection

Directly next to the text formatting options button is the drop down font list. When you click on the downwards pointing arrow, Pinnacle Studio will display a list of available fonts. Next to the font's drop down list is the font size selector. You can increase the size of the selected text by clicking the up and down arrows. Pinnacle Studio also allows you to enter a numeric font size into the field.

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