Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the SmartMovie Music Video Tool

If you are looking to shoot a home movie or music video, then everything you might need is in the SmartMovie tool. This program can crop, reformat, and do anything you need in a matter of minutes. While the user interface can be a bit cluttered, all the basic functions are very easy to use.

Step 1: The Picture

Take the clips that you want to use and drag them into a timeline. You can use an entire clip or splice different clips together. In order to use apple .mov files for your music video, you will need to use the Smartmovie converter tool.

Step 2: The Music

Since you are making a music video, you also will need to choose and import the music you plan on using. It is important that the music is at least as long as the video clips. The absolute minimum length of music is one half the length of the video clip. Otherwise, the software will not have enough to work with.

Step 3: Choose a Style

Once you have the video and music imported, you can use a style for your music video. There are preset styles in the Toolbox. There are fast paced rock edits, slow motion dream montages, and everything in between. The style will dictate how fast the different clips or pictures are displayed as well as the transitions. You can also use still pictures besides video clips.

Step 4: Order

Within the style you want, you can specify the order that the clips appear. You can also have things appear in random order by checking the random order box. The music video is cut based on the order of the clips in your timeline.

Step 5: Editing

Once your movie has been made, you can go in and make tweaks and edits. It is possible to insert and delete shots, change the transitions and more. You can spend as much time as you want editing your music video before you produce the final cut.

Step 6: Reformatting

You can use the software to view the music video on your mobile device. The software will also reformat the music video so it can be produced at DVD quality. This means you will need a higher resolution. Converting the video in SmartMovie is almost foolproof and very easy. This converter is also much faster than all other similar products from competitors.

Step 7: Additional Codecs

You will need to download additional codecs to open MPEG-2, .WMV, and .MOV files. These files are DVD, Real Media and Windows files which are not supported in DirectShow, the software Smartmovie uses. It is quite easy to find a good codec to open these files, as many individuals have posted them and they can be downloaded for free.

Step 8: Give It a Try

If you are unsure about using this software, then go and find the free download. You too will find that this is the easiest software available for home music videos. It produces high quality videos in a short amount of time. You can easily learn how to use the software, as you do not need to be experienced to create music videos.

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