Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Ripple Transition Command

Pinnacle Studio makes it easier and quicker for video editors to place a transition between numerous clips using one command. Referred to as a Ripple Transition, the same transition can be placed through several images or video clips.

Step 1: Place the First Transition

Place the clips that you will be using on the timeline. Make sure that the clips are placed side by side. Between the first two video clips or images, place a transition. This can be any transition and will be the same transition used when rippling.

Step 2: Select All Clips for Rippling

This can be done in a number of ways. If you wish to select all clips, press Ctrl + A. Another alternative is by pressing Edit on the main menu and click Select All. If you wish to exclude some clips, press the Shift key while selecting the clips that will not contain the transition.

Step 3: Select Ripple Transition

Once you have selected all the clips you wish to include from the ripple effect, right click on the selected images and click on the Ripple Transition from the menu. All of the selected clips will have the same transition as the one used prior to selecting the Ripple Transition command.

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