Pinnacle Studio: How To Use the Player in Edit Mode

The edit mode in Pinnacle Studio provides you with the player tool. The purpose of the player in Pinnacle Studio is to allow you to display a preview of the movie that you have edited. You can also use the player to preview the clip that you currently have selected. The two main areas of the player are the preview window and the playback controls.

Standard and DVD Mode

The playback controls in the player come in two formats. The two formats are standard and DVD. The standard playback controls are used for viewing regular video. The controls that you will see in the playback area in standard mode will be very similar to the controls that you would see on a camcorder or VCR. The standard playback controls are the transport controls, master volume and mute, the jog buttons and the DVD toggle button.

If you have a DVD player or remote control, the controls on those devices will be almost identical to the controls in DVD playback mode. The controls will be the transport controls, disc navigation controls and the DVD toggle button. The transport controls are for playing, rewinding and fast forwarding video. The disc navigation controls are arrows that allow you to navigate the disc menu.

Preview Window

It is very important that you become familiar with the preview window, because you will use it often when editing video in Pinnacle Studio. In addition to being able to preview your movie in the preview window, you can also use the preview window to display content that you have in your album, still images and still frames. You can resize the preview window by using the player size slider, which is located at the very top of the preview window.

Standard Playback Controls

The transport controls in standard playback mode allow you to play, pause, go to the beginning, fast reverse, fast forward and loop video. When you loop video, you are playing the back repeatedly. The transport controls are located at the bottom left of the player. The jog buttons allow you to move your movie backward and forward by one frame at a time. The jog buttons are located towards the right side of the player. The master volume slider controls the overall audio volume of your movie during preview playback.The master volume slider is located below the transport controls.

DVD Playback Controls

The transport controls that are offered in standard playback mode are the same controls that are offered in DVD playback mode. The master volume slider and jog controls are not offered in DVD playback mode. The DVD playback controls are located to the right of the transport controls. The aspects of the DVD playback controls are the main menu, previous menu, previous chapter, next chapter and button selection. The main menu and previous menu buttons go to either the first menu or most recently active menu when pressed. If you have multiple chapters in your movie, the previous and next chapter buttons allow you to navigate the chapters. The button selection contains 4 arrows that allow you to navigate the on screen menu.

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